Mt Everest & Lhotse Sea to Summit to Sea

Simply put, this will be the world's most extreme elevation gain triathlon attempted: consisting of biking, trekking, and high-altitude mountain climbing to the top of the world.

We have spent the past year traveling to the Himalayas several times in order to walk the ground and plan in detail for this expedition to get us from sea to the highest and 4th highest points on the globe. Everything is in place short of last minute funding in order to execute this first ever 3-month long expedition. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Shoot an email for more details to

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Phase 1 (18 Mar – 10 Apr)

The expedition will begin with a beach infil near Calcutta, India in the Bay of Bengal. The team will then bike 600 miles (965km) to Jiri, Nepal. From Jiri, the team will trek 118 miles (190km) to Everest Base Camp (EBC).

Phase 2 (11 Apr - TBD)

Upon arrival at EBC, the team will establish their basecamp and begin a series of acclimatization climbs. During the acclimatization period, the team will shuttle essential gear while establishing routes and high camps on Everest & Lhotse. In late May, the team will anticipate a clear weather window in order to make a summit attempt on the highest and 4th highest peaks in the world.

Phase 3 (TBD – 14 Jun)

The final phase will be a trek and bike exfil to the Bay of Bengal on the same route they came in on. Total distance biked will be 1,200 miles (1,930km); Total distanced trekked will be 236 miles (380km); Total Elevation Gain will be over 65,600’ (>20,000m). Completion of Phase 3 will mark the 1st Sea-to-Summit-to-Sea of Mt Everest & Lhotse.

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Next Steps...

The Mt Everest / Lhotse Sea to Summit to Sea is actively seeking sponsorship funding. Shoot us an email to discuss how you can support this expedition.